Infinity School of Engineering has signed Agreement with Hunan
Chemical Vocational Technology College China

Hunan Chemical Vocational and Technical College is a state-owned public full-time general college directly under the Hunan Provincial People’s Government and directly affiliated to the Hunan Provincial Department of Education. It is an excellent evaluation unit for the talent training level of the Ministry of Education and an excellent model (backbone) higher vocational college in Hunan Province.

The school’s new campus covers an area of ​​573 acres and a building area of ​​over 260,000 square meters. There are 8 teaching units including:

  • Chemical Engineering College
  • School of Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering
  • College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • School of Automation and Information Engineering
  • Business School
  • Basic Course Department
  • Ideological and Political Education Department
  • Technical Department.

There are six professional categories of categories including

  • Automation,
  • Information
  • Economics
  • 37 higher vocational courses (including directions).

There are more than

  • 12,000 students in the school,
  • 600 in-service faculty members,
  • 400 full-time teachers,
  • 22 high-ranking titles,
  • 198 associate professors,
  • 17 teachers with doctoral degrees,
  • 209 teachers with master’s degrees.

Top Management Visit to Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College, China


Higher Management of Infinity School of Engineering visited Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College, China during end of May, 2018.They visited the library and the school history museum to learn about the development of our school and praised the achievements of the new campus of our school. Later, they walked into the modern industrial and pharmaceutical production training center and visited the chemical training workshop, beer workshop and pharmaceutical production workshop including in-depth understanding of the construction and management of relevant professional experimental training facilities.

At 4 pm, the symposium of Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College and Infinity school of Engineering was held in the conference room on the third floor of the administrative building. Meeting started between Mr. Abdur Razzaq Gauhar CEO Infinity School of Engineering and Mr. Iqbal Khalid Chairman Ravi-Infinity Foundation with President Wang Xiongwei, deputy secretary of the party committee Liu Yi, vice president Tong Mengliang, International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Academic Affairs Office, Adult Education and Training Office, Scientific Research The head of the Industry Department and each secondary school and presided by Liu Yi.

At the meeting, Wang Xiongwei expressed warm welcome to the Infinity School of Engineering and expressed his hope that the two sides could create a new situation of cooperation between China and Pakistan on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. On behalf of Infinity College of Engineering, Mr. Abdur Razzaq Gauhar expressed his gratitude to the management for its warm reception and highly appreciated the strength of the school said “I hope that the two sides can cooperate in various aspects and fields”. He introduced the Infinity School of Engineering, Background, Development history and Professional Education and Training conducted at Infinity School of Engineering.


Signing of Agreement between Infinity School of Engineering & Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College

Management of Infinity School of Engineering and Management of Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College and relevant secondary colleges, department heads conducted detailed cooperation negotiations. Through comprehensive and in-depth understanding, the both sides reached a consensus and signed a joint school-running agreement to determine cooperation intentions in the areas of mutual training and training bases, Chinese language training, teacher exchanges, and employment resources sharing. Infinity School of Engineering will send Pakistani students in September 2018. Come to our school to accept chemical, pharmaceutical, electromechanical, information Internship training in major categories such as management, economics, etc.

Unveiling of Sub Campus of Infinity School of Engineering at China

After the signing ceremony of mutual agreement, the inauguration ceremony of the Infinity School of Engineering (Pakistan) modernization and pharmaceutical technology teaching and training base was held in the front of the industrial center.

The Management of Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College praised dedication of Management from Infinity School of Engineering and showed the commitments to work together in future to make the agreement practical in real spirit and zest.

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