Message of the Vice Chancellor

Technological development is leading our lifestyle and evolving our society at fast pace. Japan, European and North American countries are leading the technological forefront. Our youth is highly talented and second to none in the world. However there is need to guide and groom them properly.

Infinity University of Engineering Sciences and Technology is distinguished from all other engineering and technical educational universities of national level for being a university by visionary industrialists not only for meeting the national and international requirements of industry, but also to lead the nation to sci-tech future. We have carefully selected the programs to start operations that will lead towards developing capacity for creativity, innovation and research. This capacity building will ultimately lead to internationally competitive product development and making our nation to stand with developed countries of the world.

For this purpose we are developing highly capable team of young engineers and scientists who have zeal for creativity and research. Unique scenario of industry at the back of Infinity UEST will provide ideal opportunities to the faculty members to do practical research work that can be channelized for commercialization and get direct implementation in the industry. We are developing state of the art labs to facilitate research in all the specialized fields of Product Design, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. Specialized capabilities are being planned in Computational Mechanics, Computer Aided Design, Automotive & Transportation Design, Agricultural appliances design, Home Appliances Design, Robotics Automation and Control, Renewable Energy Resources Utilization Setups Design, Power Transmission System Design, Signals and Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Physical Systems development and support for aerospace engineering. Our approach is highly systematic. We are working for harboring a culture of creativity, questioning and innovation.

Our application for university charter is at advanced stages with PHECHEC. After meeting all the necessary requirements we plan to start educational operations by September 2019. If you are capable, creative and ambitious then come and join us for experiencing academic excellence.



Professor Dr. Faiz-ul-Hasan

Vice Chancellor

Infinity University of Engineering Sciences and Technology

Our Location

18km Sheikhupura Road,
Lahore, Pakistan.
+92 423 797 0011