“Infinite – Beyond Limits”
Infinity University of Engineering Sciences and Technology aims to be the center of excellence by continually raising the level of education, R&D activities and industry, leading for indigenous development of world class products in the country. Industry-academia linkage with synergized and integrated approach is to be utilized, brining university-industry at one page.

Infinity University of Engineering Sciences and Technology aspires to be educational and research hub of the region with abundantly equipped consistently modern and resourceful labs and state of the art research facilities for serving the industrial needs of coming future through state of the art technical and knowledge resources, highly capable human resource and modern teaching methodologies through practical exposure, creations, projects and research for leading education sector nationally and regionally at all the undergraduate, graduate and PhD levels of university education.

Infinity University of Engineering Science and Technology will be leader in the region in generating, dissemination and preservation of knowledge and incubating it for practical application in industry and business so that it may be used for the benefits of humanity.

University graduates are to be professional leaders who are culturally enlightened, with societal and ethical rectitude, technologically knowledgeable, academically competent, and research oriented productive citizens who are prepared to lead professionally, to inspire and to serve humanity. They are trained to be entrepreneurs and facilitated for the incubation of business concepts based on mutual benefits, creating ideal environment for economic growth. This cause will further play a role in the development of national economy based on strong technical, trade and economic footings especially in the scenario of CPEC.

Our Location

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Lahore, Pakistan.
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